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Monday, April 4, 2011

Menu Monday: Week of April 4, 2011

The crockpot is my friend. Busy day? Dinner in the crockpot. Not feeling well? Dinner in the crockpot. Kitchen getting torn up? Dinner in the crockpot. Are you sensing a theme?

Last week, I wrote that we're getting an island hood installed in our kitchen. Slight hiccup in that our hood was back ordered, so we cancelled that order and ordered another one from a different vendor. THAT one is scheduled to arrive either Wednesday or Thursday, and we're planning for it to be installed on Thursday afternoon. With a little bit of luck, the drywall guys and painters can be back on Friday. Friday night, our realtor is coming over with the paperwork, and hopefully Saturday we'll hang the ol' For Sale sign out in the yard. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, it's a bit of challenge planning meals when I'm not sure how much access I'll have to my kitchen on any given day. In other news, I'm SO excited that my knife skills class in on Wednesday night. The hubs will have leftovers, and I will learn to chop chop!

Here's what's cooking this week:

We were supposed to have the rest of our Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups, but the boys were sleeping all afternoon after a crazy weekend of staging and I was pretty tired, too. We ended up snacking and making sandwiches.

Crockpot Apple Coffee Cake. I did manage to get this coffee cake going in the afternoon for our small group. We ended snacking on the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles instead, which turned out to be a good thing because I forgo the sugar in the coffee cake. Some days you wonder why you get out bed.

Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken. After a busy weekend with guests for dinner on Friday and Saturday, and company on Sunday, plus all the running around and staging, I knew I needed to keep it simple. Love this meal.

Ovenschotel met gehaktballetjes en winterpeen. Casserole with Meatballs and Carrots. When we were in the Netherlands over Christmas and New Years, I noticed that the major grocery stores produce really nice cooking magazines. Think Taste of Home or Cooking Light. I brought several of these home so I could practice my Dutch as well as make Dutch meals from The Hubs. This casserole is one I've been wanting to make for awhile, but needed a little help with the translation. I'll post the directions in English a little later.

Leftovers. I have knife skills class!!! The Hubs can have Dutch leftovers. Everybody's happy!

BBQ Chicken Pizza. I haven't made pizza for awhile and this one sounds really good. I'm going to look for a homemade pizza dough recipe as well. Hopefully. If I have a kitchen on Thursday.

Crockpot Coconut Beef. No idea how this one is going to go over with The Hubs, but I have some coconut milk I need to use up, and it's made in the crock pot.

Rustic Tortellini Soup. I can't get enough of this soup. It's SO good. I was really excited to find six 8-oz. packages of tortelli at Sam's for $7.50. I'll be making double batches of this from now on.

Eet Smakelijk!

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